Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards Review

I came across this deck after reading the same titled book Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System by Sonia Choquette. I was new to the concept of spirit guides at the time, and that book served as my first guidebook. When I found out there were oracle cards available I was eager to go out and purchase the deck. How awesome would it be to able to get direct messages from spirit guides through cards?! Read on for my review.

Name: Ask Your Guides
Creator: Sonia Choquette
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
Number of cards in deck: 52

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards: The Direct Link To Your Personal Psychic Support System

Bold colors- love pulling this card!

Illustrations: This is a boldly colored deck. The colors pop out on each card so there is no confusion between any two of them. The figures on the cards are ambiguously drawn; faceless most of the time with minimalistic bodies. Despite the bold colors used in the deck, the painting style (watercolor perhaps?) muddles some of the imagery- creating a soft scenescape that counteracts the harsh borderline and boldly colored card border.

Some of the drawings are rather abstract. That is, for some of them, if the name of the card wasn’t on top of the drawing, I might have a difficult time trying to decipher meaning from it. For example, the “denial” card shows a figure covering one eye, and two hands in the background: one holding a face mask (not a blindfold, as the

Your guess is as good as his

eye slits are cut out) and the other hand holding two people with a spotlight shining on them. If I worked at it I could make a connection to this imagery and the concept of “denial” (the true message of the card being “be honest with yourself and others”)- but it would be work. This is not the norm for the deck luckily, as most of the images used directly reflect the message of the card.

Feel: These cards are on the larger side. The borders are quite wide, perhaps unnecessarily so. Large cards make for difficult shuffling, so I don’t handle these cards often. Each card is lamented and of a decent thickness so that you don’t have to worry about the cards withering in your care (as long as you take proper care of them!).

Purpose: This deck is your direct connection to your spirit guides, and as such, covers every aspect of your life… for better or for worse. This deck is great for general guidance for your day, or advice on what to do should a situation occur (having a phone version of

Despair? Noooooo

this deck is excellent for situational on-site readings). What I’m not crazy about with this deck is the collection of cards that can be considered “bad”. I mean, no card is ever really “bad”, but there are cards such as the “despair” or “deprivation” or “shame” (to name a few) that may leave you scratching your head if you pull one. I’m of the belief that there is ALWAYS shadow work to be done, but it kind of sucks when you start your day with a “shame” card and wonder what you’ve manifested to get a card like that. This works on the flip side too. Cards like “life force”, “celebration”, and “victory” can have you over the moon for the day, waiting to see what kind of miracle you’ve manifested for yourself. These cards are the best as they put you in the mindset to even be able to create the miracle!

When you boil the salt water to get the salt you see that this is simply a well-rounded deck. It focuses on all aspects of life, not just the rainbows and unicorns. It just, you know, might not be for everyone.

Booklet: The booklet is very helpful, and gives an illustration of each card as well as the card’s full interpretation. It also includes insights from Sonia on how to best use the deck. One criticism, however, is that the cards are listed in numerical order. That is, each card is numbered, and instead of looking up the card by its name, you have to go by its number. This can be rather time-consuming and confusing at times.

FullSizeRender 2Final verdict: This deck is very well intentioned, however, it is not one of my favorites. The art is a bit wonky, the organization of the cards by number creates more hassle than ease, the cards are too large for me to shuffle easily (I don’t have small hands folks), and there are a few doom and gloom cards. This deck is great for daily guidance, but it may not be for everyone.

See for yourself! Purchase them here: Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards: The Direct Link To Your Personal Psychic Support SystemScore: 6/10

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