Messages from Your Angels Oracle Card Review

If it seems like I’ve reviewed a lot of Doreen Virtue oracle decks thus far it’s because I have. There’s no real interesting story as to why. Decks come into my life at random points; sometimes they are introduced by others, sometimes I’m just looking for something new so I deliberately seek them out. In this case my first encounter with these cards was during an Angel Circle at my local New Age center. Carol, the angel reader, would start off each session (in both group sessions and private sessions with me) by having you pick a card from this deck. I still remember the first card I picked, Raye, who brings with her a message of exercise…. well that was embarrassingly dead on at the time, but I have only now started to pay heed to it! Other cards there were pulled always seemed to speak volumes to me. Yup, I had a crush on this deck. Now, I never asked Carol what the name of the deck was. I’m weirdly introverted like that. Luckily the images & messages of the cards I pulled over the years stuck with me to such an extent that I was able to find the deck easily on my own. Read on for its review.

NameMessages From Your Angels: What Your Angels Want you to Know
CreatorDoreen Virtue
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
Number of cards in deck: 44

Can I have a Unicorn for a guardian angel?

Illustrations: Despite the image used to the left, the majority of this deck is bordered in soft pastels. Don’t let the soft wimpy borders fool you, the images contained within their walls are detailed, ornamental, and gorgeous. Ok, let me state the obvious: every card has an image of its corresponding angel. Now for the not so obvious: the artistic style of each card is different. If it looks as though different artists were commissioned to illustrate their representations of the angels it’s because there were- 9 different artists in total.  In fact, the artists’ contact information is listed in the back of the guidebook so that you can purchase prints of the artwork if you’d like. Sticking to a concept of “angelic messages” by using angelic imagery doesn’t necessitate advanced symbolic interpretation- so in this aspect, the illustrations are very straightforward. I’ve seen some reviews that say things like “well the images on the bottom represent “x” because they’re positioned in this or that way”. Forgive me for being a skeptic or crass, but I don’t think it’s that deep. I think the images on the bottoms of each card are put there to utilize the space and do not give additional symbolic meaning to the cards. This is just my interpretation, but I am also quite aware that some people just love to sound “deep”… so whatever. On top of the art, there is a short summary of the card’s meaning so you don’t have to dig through the guidebook if you don’t feel like you need to know more.


Feel: These cards are laminated as most cards that hope to have any longevity are. However, I’ve had the opportunity to see these cards in a state of having been heavily used and they did not appear to have held up very well. Keep in mind that I know for a fact that those cards had been in many hands, each with its own method of shuffling. I don’t personally recommend cards being handled in that way, and I certainly don’t recommend doing that to this deck. Treat it kindly. These are about 3.7×5.5, so they are a decent size, not too large. Combine the size with the rounded edges and you’ve got a win in my book.

IMG_1677Purpose: This is an excellent deck for a morning pull. Focus your intention on receiving the message that will benefit you the most for the day, take a deep breath, shuffle, and pull your card. Most of these cards have positive messages, but even the cards with the worst news have positive outlooks and messages of protection. This deck is also excellent for situational inquiries, and perhaps provide an even better service in that respect… other than for angel readings… of course.

: Per usual, Doreen Virtue‘s guidebook is exceedingly helpful. Each card takes one full page and includes its illustration and additional information. No bullet points here as in the Ascended Masters deck, just a more detailed explanation of what is on the front of each card. The front of the booklet has a cute welcome message, some ideas for spreads, and information on giving angel readings. The back of the booklet lists the artists, along with a list of the cards they illustrated and their contact IMG_1673information should you like a print of the illustration (with the borders and words removed). A word of warning with this booklet: it’s on the thick side AND it’s bound by two staples that are currently holding on for dear life. This is a recipe for quick wear and tear. As noted earlier, treat this deck kindly!

Final verdict: I love this deck. It has daily usage potential but is not built for rough handling. The illustrations are beautiful and varied so deck-boredom is not to be had. You need to be careful with these cards, but they do come in a sturdy box- keep them in there unless you have another safe place for your oracle cards.

Score: 9/10

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