What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is certainly the most well-known clair of the four. What do you envision when you hear this word? Maybe a woman with a crystal ball, staring into the confined space who suddenly sees a vision of the future. Was this what you saw? Did you see something else? Check this out: no matter what you envisioned, you were practicing clairvoyance. You simply saw with your mind.

clairvoyancemindseyeSeeing With Your Mind’s Eye: There are two ways that clairvoyance can be experienced. First, there is seeing through your mind’s eye, which hopefully by this point you have already become familiar with. The mind’s eye is located roughly an inch above the center of your eyebrows and is the location of the 6th chakra. If you have ever imagined a visual with your eyes closed you’ve used your third eye! The great thing about using your mind’s eye is that the information gained can be so much more than what your actual eyeballs can pick up. Remote viewers do this all the time utilizing military techniques and are able to see the past, present, and future in great detail. It’s no secret anymore either, just check out the Farsight Institute.

Here are some exercises to get your mind’s eye in motion:

Easy: Simply imagine something, let’s say the face of someone close to you (or you wish was close to you). Really examine this face. What does the person’s hair look like? It’s texture? Is it dull or shiny? Imagine you are a camera and “zoom in” on the face. How much more detail can you pick up?

Medium: Ok, so you have your face focused in your mind’s eye. What is the color of the hair? Got it? Now change the color of the hair. Change the texture of the hair. Give the person a haircut or hair extensions.  Shave their head. Give them your hair!

Hard: Even I have trouble with this one, but if you’re really looking for a challenge, try envisioning your person with hair in a color you have never seen. Yes, I’m telling you to invent a new color. Good luck!

Other practice methods: Use your imagination and mind’s eye often. Notice the little details in everything you see in waking and in your dream state. Work on increasing your photographic memory skills. IMG_1740

You can also be clairvoyant if you experience prophetic dreaming, a state in which you dream of things that later come true. A crystal sphere, if you are lucky enough to own one, is a great tool for practicing contemplative divination and thus increase your clairvoyance. Through staring into the crystal one can quiet the mind so that visions come to surface in the mind’s eye. A benefit to the crystal is that you can imbue your energy and intentions into it thus accelerating the process.

Seeing With Your Physical Eyes: Some people can see that which others cannot see and this is another form of clairvoyance. These people have the ability to see past our Earthly third dimension. This is actually a lot more common than we are led to believe, mainly because there is still stigma attached to seeing things that others cannot. Because of this, it can be hard to find a safe space to discuss what you see.

clairvoyancesigtsOnce an Angel reader came to my family’s house to conduct a group reading. During the reading, she noted that our house had a history of being a funeral home (which we knew) and that there was still a lot of energy hanging around the house. She noted a woman in a white dress who hangs out on the end of the stairwell and watches us in the living room. Suddenly the room got very quiet. “I’ve seen her” I said. “I’ve seen her too” said my mom. My brother, who had confessed to hearing voices in the house (and only the house) grew very solemn and quiet. Many of us had actually seen this lady, but none of us had confessed it to one another!

Have you ever seen movement out of the corner of your eye only to turn around and realize that nothing is there? Perhaps you have seen an apparition or flashes of different colored lights? You are probably a lot more clairvoyant than you think. Quantum physics tells us that we are increasingly understanding that our objective world is an illusion. The matter that we once believed to make up our objective reality does not technically exist the way we think it does. Particles and virtual particles pop in and out of “existence” (I use quotes as energy cannot “die” but can only change forms). Schrodinger’s cat is just the beginning. As Physicist David Mermin states: “Suppose we ask, is the moon there when we are not looking at it? To the extent that the moon is ultimately a quantum object (being composed entirely of quantum objects), we must say no.” What then, we can ask ourselves, is real?

The sparks can sometimes be distracting…

The ability to see what other’s cannot commands an acceptance of an alternate reality; accepting that there is more than what everyone says is true. The gifts range from seeing spirits flat out, to seeing wisps of smoke (sometimes attached to people), to a variety of visuals. Some people can see other’s auras, and some people can see sparks of light (sometimes even in different colors). Of course, if you are concerned about your health with seeing the light sparks, always consult your doctor! Seeing the sparks of light look different from high blood pressure sparks; I have even caught one’s reflection in a mirror!

There are many ways to see and thus many ways to be clairvoyant. It’s a skill that can and should be cultivated. There are many books on the subject, and if you’re interested I’d suggest picking one up and reading it. Also, check out that link for the Farsight Institute listed earlier. I started practicing remote viewing thanks to them (all for free via video instructions) and it is ah-ma-zing!!!

Happy viewing!

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