Are You Clairaudient?

Clairaudience, meaning clear-hearing, is the ability to hear spirit either externally or internally. Do you get audio help from another realm?

Spirit can speak to you in a variety of ways, and how you hear spirit can differ.

You may be clairaudient if you…

  • Engage in an inner dialect with spirit that is rational, compassionate, and centered around helping you or others.
  • Hear certain songs on the radio or hear something at JUST the right moment in time.
  • Have heard voices, footsteps, music, etc. when no one else was around.
  • Hear ringing and buzzing in both ears (rule out tinnitus first!)

How do I know if the voice I am hearing is a spirit or just me talking to myself?

When we talk to ourselves, it is mainly the ego who is speaking. The ego tends to use “I” and “me” statements and can say negative, critical, and even destructive things to you. Have you ever called yourself an idiot, a genius, fat, or good looking? If so, that’s your ego speaking. It is a self-sustaining mechanism that plays a role in our survival when we are under the pretense that we are not safe. We are born with it, and it is shaped by the messages we adopt from society about what is valued and what is not valued. Ego voices are judgemental in nature. The Ego, however, is not evil. It is a necessary contrast so that we may better understand non-judgement, compassion, and peace.

On the flip side of that, voices from spirit use more “you” statements. They make statements that are rational and create peace- either for yourself or others. It is always important when interacting with spirit to ground and energetically protect yourself. You only want to interact with spirits who are of and for your highest good!

My own experience with clairaudience:

Inner dialogs rarely happen spontaneously. I set an intention to speak and let the channels of communication open. I hear spirit best during meditation, during mundane tasks, and at times when I am able to focus in quiet, although this is not the only time they make their voices heard.

External dialogs for me have always been EXTREMELY blunt, and I’m sure this is for the best as I would be thoroughly freaked out if I had a full-on conversation with a disembodied voice. I have often heard my name called. Once, after going on a ghost tour, I came home (to my empty apartment) went up to my altar and said hi to the figurines (I was lonely) and a voice said hi back to me. It was quick as lightning. It was very distinctly a 30-50-year-old white male voice, it was right by my ear, and it crept the hell out of me! Doesn’t help that we spent a lot of time in graveyards that night.

A whole bunch of “nope!” Note the ghost photobomb! 

I quickly saged every inch of my apartment and swore to NEVER go on a ghost tour again without protecting myself first.

A note on mental illness:

Now, to get this out of the way, there are people who hear voices internally and externally due to mental illness. A clairaudient differs from one with a mental illness because they:

  • Can control the frequency of messages received (through protection, grounding, and simply asking for less interaction with spirit)
  • Receive helpful messages, either for herself or for others.
  • Hear voices that are to the point, rational, and compassionate.

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