A Pre-Birth Visitation Story

My daughter came to me in a dream before she was born… I just couldn’t prove it until I gave birth to her!

First a bit of backstory:

When my partner and I had our first child we were mystified by how he looked. Yes, he looked human, but his skin was considerably lighter than the both of ours and his eyes were neon green… like the Spotify symbol. They’re now hazel/light brown, but then it was amazing… and a little creepy. His facial features were (and are) a perfect combination of the both of us, but his skin color threw us for a loop. We considered it a random joining of genes, considered it a one-in-a-million occurrence, and called it a day.

Backstory over. On to the story-story:

When my son was 1, going on 2 I had a dream that was more vivid than usual. In that dream, I saw the most adorable little girl with a face that looked just like our son’s face. Identical. She was also very light-skinned. More light skinned than our son, and even lighter than my mom, who is white. She had hair that was lighter than our son’s and more loosely coiled hair. She wore a blue and white dress whilst sitting against the refrigerator. To this day I remember it perfectly. The message was very clear “I’m coming to you!”

I never forgot that dream. A few years later when I found out I was pregnant again I was shocked to find out we were having a girl. (Maybe I shouldn’t have been, my sister told me earlier that she had a dream that gave birth to a girl. The same sister from this post.) I remember telling people about my dream but downplayed it by saying “there’s no way, our son’s appearance was super random, this baby will probably look much more like me and my partner and have a darker complexion and hair closer resembling ours.” I mean, come on, there was just

I mean, come on, there was just no way.

Well, our daughter was born in February. When she was pulled out of me via c-section, my partner and I couldn’t believe what we saw. She looked just like her brother save for a few small factors: she had lighter skin, and lighter, loosely coiled hair. She made good on her promise… she had indeed come!

I’m not alone in this phenomenon. In fact, many people have recounted their pre-birth experiences. You can read more about it here.



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