You DID Ask To Be Born: Pre-Birth Experiences

“I didn’t ask to be born.” “You don’t pick your family” How often have you heard that- how often have you said it? Well, according to Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, and many others, the opposite is true! Through the process of deep hypnosis, researchers have been able to unlock the secrets of what happens after you die, before you’re born, and everything in between. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to dive into the topic of the pre-birth experience. While I don’t remember my own, I did have a visitation from my daughter before she was born which sparked my interest in this subject. I’ve included all of my sources and Amazon links to purchasing them, but you don’t need to read a book to find these amazing stories. You can even find pre-birth stories (and other seemingly unexplainable happenings) at this Subreddit. So let’s dive into some of the basic premises of the pre-birth experience, as evidenced by researchers on this topic:

You Picked Your Parents.

When I say parents, I mean both the people who gave you your DNA and the people who raised you. As we know, these are not always the same people. This may seem strange, and perhaps impossible- especially if your parents were absent from your life or abusive. However, according to the results of dozens, I dare say, hundreds (even thousands?), of past life and life between life regressions, we find that subjects under hypnosis recount picking the parents who will best teach them and aid them in the way needed for their soul’s growth. Yes, we watch the people who we will later be born to and raised by and make a choice as to whether or not they fit the bill. This may mean that you choose parents who gave you a difficult time, and if so, this is a means for accelerated learning. After all, little is learned in complacency and comfort. Choice theory premises that only YOU can control yourself, and the ONLY thing others can give you is information, it is what you do with this information that matters. Do you use it to grow or do you use it self-destruct and regress? You will find that adverse conditions for accelerated growth is a theme in our choices before incarnating.

You Picked Your Body.

My partner, a Catholic who is not into woo-woo, recalls picking his skin tone before being born. To this day he remains confused as to why he chose to be the lightest-skinned out of all of his siblings (and thus stand out like a sore thumb), but he’s sure there’s a reason for it. Well, according to research, he is right. According to several researchers, we pick the body that best suits us for our life mission. According to Dr. Michael Newton we first pick where & when we will incarnate and then choose our body. Some accounts (including my partner’s) state choice in details like skin color, height, sex, etc. Others recount being given a limited amount of options to choose from. No matter which way you go about it, there is always a guide or counselor, or some other entity who helps you make your decision. Remember, it is always your decision, the guide is only there to help you make the best one.

But….If We Choose Our Own Bodies, Why Would Anyone Choose To Be Disabled, or A Person of Low Social Status? 

Lives of comfort where you incarnate as an able-bodied wealthy individual of high social status are actually the hardest lives to live. Think about it this way: only with sadness can we enjoy happiness more; only with clouds and darkness can we grow to appreciate the sunshine. We need these oppositional propositions in order to absorb the lessons in the most soul enhancing ways. On a soul level, it is so much easier to incarnate (or choose to create later in life) with challenges from which to grow as opposed to incarnating on the “easy” level, where little effort on your part is expended, and life lessons come slow… if at all.

You All Made Agreements As To Who Would Play What Role

Prior to incarnating you meet with the souls of those who will play various roles in your life, regardless if those roles are happy or traumatic. The goal is growth and expansion so all is for the greater good. Everyone agrees on who will do what, and the theme of your life on whichever planet you choose to incarnate on is set. You may agree to return to Earth to experience a three-dimensional existence based on contrast, or you may choose to incarnate elsewhere.

In some cases you agree to be born to set of parents, only to leave later in the form of a miscarriage or abortion. This may be a lesson for the parents, or it may be a personal choice after having come to the conclusion that is simply is not a good time to be born. In the cases of miscarriages or abortions, it is not uncommon for souls to come back and be born in the next pregnancy. Of course, you may choose not to incarnate at all. However, incarnating produces the quickest growth. An agreement may also be made that a parent will pass shortly or in another way be absent after giving birth the child. Again, this is for the soul development of the child- and what the child does with this information is up to them.

You Are Born

Many individuals recount traveling through a tunnel (no, not the birth canal!) and meeting with the mind of the fetus. There is a melding between the soul and the mind- as each must cooperate with the other to be successful. Many recount life as a fetus, infant, and even small toddler to be uneventful, so there is a lot of traveling in and out of the child. In times of turmoil, stress, and sadness (just because infants can’t communicate does not mean they can’t feel) the soul will stick with the body. The “permanent” binding, when the soul remains in the body until death, occurs closer to the preschool years.

In summation, you pick the time, the place, the parents, settle the life contracts, and then come down to be born. There’s more information on this fascinating topic and I’ve provided you with some starter sources and links below. Enjoy!

Sources (links to purchase  below): 
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