Nothing Rests: The Principle of Vibration

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”- The Kybalion

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Hermetic Principles series! If you’re new, start here. If not, read on.

Everything in the known (and unknown) universe is in constant momentum. Even a dead body is in constant motion as its cells deteriorate and bacteria flourishes. Everything that exists has a certain rate of vibration. Even things that appear still, such as rocks or tree trunks, maintain certain (albeit low) rates of vibration. Not only in their structure but also in the color they emit and anything else that can be picked up by others. In a similar vein, things may appear still at are moving at an exceedingly high vibratory rate (ever spin a top so quickly it looked like it was standing still?).

Those things that vibrate on the highest level, and thus at the fastest rate, are on the highest manifesting planes (i.e. Spirit). Things that vibrate on the lowest level, and thus at the lowest rate, are on the lowest manifesting planes (i.e. gross forms of matter). This can be seen in phenomena such as color and sound. Lower notes that humans can hear have lower frequencies (sound waves are farther apart), and higher notes that humans can hear have higher frequencies (sound waves are closer together). Light waves with lower frequencies start with at a deep, dark red and increase in vibration/frequency until they are at the highest frequency the human eye can pick up- violet. Now, there are frequencies of light that the human eye cannot see on both ends of the spectrum (same with sound- just think of a dog whistle), so we should not limit ourselves to these colors (or sounds). In terms of light, black would be considered the absence of light (although not when talking about pigmentation), and white would be the combination of all visible rays of light (and considered not a color when talking about pigmentation).

“Every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode of vibration.”- The Kybalion

So yes, this means that even your thoughts, emotions, moods, and all things you consider invisible or “in your head” have vibrations. Have you ever met someone and picked up a “vibe” from them? An unexplainable feeling you got from that person that, while invisible, was very real to you? Or perhaps you have heard of the all too familiar “law of attraction” and came to an understanding that your vibrations had to be in accordance with your desire, as what you do is attract the vibration that best matches yours. This means we must be much more mindful of what we are putting out into the universe if we ever wish to obtain mastery of ourselves and live the life we most desire.

Side note: While on this subject, I find it most helpful to erase the word “want” from our vocabularies when attempting to manifest. To “want” means to “lack”. Substitute “lack” for “want” in a sentence and you’ll see the sentence will still make sense. Please, do yourself this favor. Use a better, higher vibrating word!

So, if there’s anything you need to take away from this post, it is the following:


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