The Principle of Gender


“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”- The Kybalion

***Gender is not the same as sex. It is very important that this is clear in the beginning!***

I hold a Masters in Sociology, and having worked for a feminist sociological organization, have a very good handle on the concept of gender as we practice it in our modern society. That is, gender is a social construct complied of mannerisms, aesthetics, etc that we deem “masculine” or “feminine”. Our categorizations are arbitrary and vary from culture to culture. However, when speaking of gender in terms of this hermetic principle we refer to the following:

From the Kybalion: The Office of Gender is solely that of creating, producing, generating, etc., and its manifestations are visible on every plane of phenomena. Hermetic teachings have always identified the Masculine principle of Gender with the “Positive” and the Feminine principle of Gender with the “Negative” Poles of Electricity (so called). The negative pole is the pole by which the generation or production of new forms and energies is manifested. The positive pole directs a certain and inherent energy toward the negative pole and thus brings the creative process into action.

Therefore, one pole needs the other, neither negative (feminine) or positive (masculine) can sustain on their own. We also think of feminine energy as creative and circular, while thinking of masculine energy as logical and straight. we can even use our modern notions of what masculine and feminine traits are to further illustrate this principle. When we meet a woman who has embraced both her masculine and feminine sides, we say she is in her power. Think of a successful business woman or CEO who dresses very sharply and femininely while sporting a short haircut. Same the other way around with men! Too much of any one aspect is a detriment. Balance is essential for successful creation and survival.

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