About Me

Hi, I’m Jaz. Mother of two young children, George B. Shaw disciple, and lover of all things metaphysical.

This love kicked off when my grandmother passed.

I was there with her when she was on her deathbed. Left the room for five minutes, and when I came back she had passed away. The stillness of the room left the deepest impression on me. It was obvious that the body I was looking at was not her… it looked alien. That was the day I realized we are so much more than our bodies. If it was true at that point then it must have always been, yet only very recently is this reality coming into the mainstream.

I  practice deliberate manifestation and can attest to its wonders. I can also see energies in the form of flashes of light that come in a variety of colors. Yes, my blood pressure is fine. As an introverted empath (any INFP/Js around?), I am sensitive to the energies of others so staying grounded is very important to me. I approach metaphysical concepts with a down-to-earth yet lighthearted mentality and enjoy using illustrations to explain them. I actively practice divination through the use of the Tarot, Oracle cards, and a pendulum. You can learn more about how I use these in my FAQ.

Well, that’s enough of that.