Angel Answers Oracle Cards

When it comes to yes/no questions I have always relied on my pendulum. Cards rarely come into the equation when someone is seeking a yes/no answer, but there are certain techniques you can use to get one, mainly with tarot cards. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered an oracle deck that was created just for that purpose!



Name: Angel Answers Oracle Cards
Creator: Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. & Radleigh Valentine
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
Number of cards in deck: 44


Illustrations: These cards emit light. The use of white space is seriously impressive in this deck. The idea is to create a heavenly scene within the card itself, and Virtue & Valentine deliver! Light, gold, and rainbows dominate the color scheme. Most cards have an image of an angel or an angelic entity. One card simply has “heavenly” imagery: a golden stairway leading to a golden palace. The point of the illustrations is to take you to the angelic realm. Each card has a border of gold, with gold angels and drapery and little gold sparkles on the bottom.

Feel: Each card is laminated to prevent scratches and IMG_1617maintain its quality. The most exciting part of the card construction (other than the gorgeous imagery) are the gilded edges!! I’m a sucker for the golden edge. They shuffle very well.

Purpose: This is a very straightforward deck. If you’re looking for a yes or no answer, well, this deck was created just for that. However, keep in mind that this deck has 44 cards- but how many types of yes or no answers can you possibly have in a deck this size? Not many it turns out. There are only two “no” cards and two “yes” cards, and a couple of other cards that allude to a yes or no answer (such as “success!” or “unlikely”). Other cards say things like “within the next two weeks” or “a year from now”. Some of the cards even say things like “recovery” IMG_1621or “romance” which are not exactly the kind of answer I’m looking for if I want to know I’ll be able to pay the bills next month. This is where your technique becomes important with this deck. I do not recommend asking your question and then pulling a random card. Instead, split the deck into three piles. In one pile, place your yes/no cards, in another pile place all of the cards that denote a passing of time, and in the third place the remainder. Ask your yes/no question and then pick from the yes/no pile. If you want additional information, pick from the other two! This will give you a MUCH more accurate reading than if you only picked one card.

Booklet: You might think that a yes/no deck wouldn’t need a booklet; that the cards would be self-explanatory right? Wrong! The amazing thing about this deck is that Virtue and Valentine have put a great amount of detail into the actual meanings behind each card- even the ones with the most obvious of answers.

Final verdict: This is a beautiful deck; it is perhaps one of the most beautiful decks I own. Looks aside, its use is limited to answering direct questions. There is also a bit of learning curve when it comes to learning how to use this deck properly as the three pile technique is not listed in the booklet. Despite all of this, the deck serves its main purpose beautifully.

Score: 8/10