Divination FAQ


Your Divination Questions: Answered.

What is divination?
Divination is the use of the physical tools to gain knowledge that can otherwise not be collected by the use of sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing.

What kind of divination tools do you use and how do they work?
I use three main divination tools: cards, runes, and a pendulum. I don’t yet give exclusive rune readings, however.

Tarot Cards– These originated in Milan, Italy around the 1400s as a card game, but the name tarot (Tarocchi) didn’t appear until the next century. The tarot is comprised of 78 illustrated cards that depict every aspect of life. There are 22 major arcana which depict the basic energies of life, and 56 minor arcana. The minor arcana are represented by four suits: cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. Each suit represents a specific aspect of Earthly life: cups (water/emotional life), wands (fire/action), pentacles (Earth/material items), and swords (air/logic & rationality)- and that’s where it stops. Seriously.

Tarot cards, like all cards, are just ink on paper. It is the symbolism and interpretation of the symbolic imagery that gives the cards their meaning. Connection with the person being read+ tarot card symbolism+ Reader’s interpretation of the pulled cards’ symbolism= Your message! This means that anyone (yes, even you) can read and interpret the cards, and your interpretation will be different from another reader’s and still correct. Due to the law of attraction, any card you pull will be the one you are supposed to. That said, you can never pull the wrong card as long as your intention is clear.

Oracle Cards- Oracle card decks differ from tarot decks as their compositions are as different as their creators. There is no set number of oracle cards in a deck, or set artistry. Oracle cards are used to get direct messages from Angels, Sprit Guides,  Ascended Masters, etc.  I have several oracle card decks and use whichever deck I am guided to use for a specific reading.

Pendulum- This can be any weighted object that is tied to a string or chain. You hold the string, ask a question and your body’s intuition will cause the weighted object to move. The movement of the object will indicate a yes/no/or inconclusive answer. I use a rose quartz pendulum and have had the same one for 10 years.

What is your philosophy?
I believe that divination is a tool that helps you understand yourself better. I do not believe that ANY divination tool can predict the future. The future is fluid and changes in accordance to the choices you make. I do not believe our futures are set in stone by any means! That said, readings can give you insight on how to act to achieve your desired results, remind you of your strengths, and help you overcome your weaknesses.

Does this mean you are a psychic?
First of all, everyone is “psychic”. The word “psychic” has become a buzz word that now has a lot of stigma attached to it. I prefer to use the word “intuitive”… and everyone is intuitive. Did the phone ever ring and you just had a knowing of who it was (and was right)? Did a little voice ever tell you not to do something but you did it anyway and you later regretted it? That little voice, that “knowing”, that hunch, was your intuition! It’s a quiet voice that grows louder as we learn to listen to it. Like singing or painting, it’s a skill/talent that everyone is capable of and can be practiced and improved… and yes, just like singing or painting, some people are born more advanced in the skill than others.

I use intuition in readings by first connecting to the energy of the client.  Focusing on your energy, I then pull cards and focus on how the symbols describe how I am connecting to you and your question. As a clairsentient and claircognizant answers will usually “pop” into my head (without thinking on it) and my body will give me a very clear feeling which will indicate to me whether or not I’m on target.

Ok, so how accurate is it then?
Tarot will not and cannot answer every question. Tarot is also never 100% correct- no divination tool is ever 100% correct. Readings answer questions only as they exist in the NOW. Linear time, as we know it, is not an actual “thing” on a universal scale. No time exists BUT the present. That said, there is always a myriad of variables that can interfere! The key element in all of this you- how do you interpret the messages given to you by the cards? How can you use their messages to give you the best “now”?

What is the best way to ask my question?

  • Do avoid negative questions and questions where you evade personal responsibility.
  • Do include names of people you are asking about
  • Do focus on issues and themes in your life
  • Do ask how you can “improve” something to create a desired outcome
  • Do ask what you need to do to create a desired outcome
  • Don’t ask questions you really don’t want the answer to
  • Don’t seek solid dates/months for future events

How do I purchase a reading?
Email me at cyruleanspirit@gmail.com to book your reading today!

Ok, I just submitted my request- when will I hear back?
I will respond to your email within 24 hours- always.

Do you give refunds?
I do not give refunds under any circumstances. I highly encourage you to contact me if you have any questions before purchasing a reading.

Are there any times you won’t answer a question?
I enjoy being able to provide readings to people, however the short answer to this question is yes. I have the right to refuse service to anyone, and while that is very rarely the case, there are certain circumstances under which that may happen:

  • Rude or disrespectful behavior.
  • You are under the age of 18.
  • Repetitive questions (asking the same question in a different way to try to get a different answer).
  • Reading addiction (Some people become dependent on readings, which is unhealthy and is not something I support or will enable).
  • Price/policy hagglers. I have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who argues with me about my prices or policies.
  • Questions about gambling, dates of death, or criminal activity.